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ABS offers the finest in cost-efficient decompression therapy technology.

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American Back Solutions recognized that the resources available to treat lumbar pathology non-invasively and cost effectively were very limited. We developed a state-of-the-art machine that could deliver a proven therapy in a safe and comfortable manner. The ABS provides genuine decompression therapy, not traction.

Back pain, especially in the lumbar spine, is experienced by millions of people in our society. Studies reveal that back pain is one of the top five reasons patients seek medical attention. Are you a practitioner that can only dispense medication and offer adjunctive treatment? With ABS, you can now address the problem directly. What’s more, this impressive machine has been priced so that any clinician treating lumbar syndromes can afford one.

Spine maladies have always been difficult to treat. Clinical studies conducted in the past six years have shown vertebral decompression to be an effective, non-invasive treatment for the treatment of disc herniation/degeneration, facet syndrome, sciatica and spinal arthritis/stenosis.

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ABS Ultra table The ABS ULTRA - our newest table!
The latest table in the ABS line, the ULTRA table is also priced comfortably below the competition and is an incredible value. (learn more)

Dr. Ronald Sheppard explains the ABS philosophy
In 1995, ABS' founder Dr. Sheppard was involved with the development of one of the original spinal decompression tables. (learn more)

ABS Research guides us!
Research is at the heart of every ABS Decompression Table

Read the research that guides us in making the finest Decompression Tables available. Research is just one reason our DRS tables are so effective - you'll find them in successful clinics all over America! (learn more)

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